The 10 cleanest service station showers in Germany

    After a long day in the truck, especially in summer and after being stuck in traffic jams, every driver craves a refreshing shower. The good news is that service stations and truck stops in Germany are amongst the best in Europe. In fact, a great deal has happened here in recent years. However, there are still washrooms that many people use one after another, so they will never be completely clean. Flip-flops are still required! Depending on where you take a shower, you pay between 1.00 and 4.50 euros – the days of free showers are largely over. In many cases, however, you will receive a voucher, which you can redeem in the service station restaurant or shop.

    1. Lohfeldener Rüssel: Why shower if you can have a bath?

    Sounds strange, but it’s true. On request, you can take a comfortable bath. On the A 7 motorway near Kassel, you will find Lohfeldener Rüssel, one of the most modern truck stops in Europe. In the bathrooms here you will find bathtubs instead of showers in some cases. If you can wangle it, it’s worth spending the night at this truck stop. Enjoy a long soak in the bathtub first, before you choose from the wide range of restaurants and then end the evening sitting comfortably in front of the fireplace (!) in the lounge. On request, you can also get your truck washed here in the truck wash located on site.

    2. Kempes Autohof in Gollhofen

    Also on the A7 is Kempes Autohof, where special attention is paid to looking after truck drivers’ needs. If you are not just stopping for a short while, you can wash your clothes here while taking a shower in the clean washrooms, before putting them in the dryer. In the restaurant and in the beer garden, it is pleasant to sit back and relax a while longer and if you have leisure time to enjoy. If you spend the night here, you can watch TV in the TV room. Alternatively, there are tables for table football and a game of pool, as well as darts boards. If you need to move on quickly, you will get a delicious snack at the snack bar.

    3. Service station Medenbach-Ost

    The Serways service station Medenbach-Ost is situated on the A 3 motorway. It is nothing special, but in addition to the 70 truck parking spaces, it also offers Sanifair washrooms with quite acceptable showers. Apart from this, you have the opportunity to eat and refuel here – just like at other service stations, only better. Medenbach-Ost is one of the best rated service stations in Germany by far, which is mainly due to the service.

    4. Service station am Fichtenplan

    Located on the A 10 motorway, south of Berlin, you’ll find the service area am Fichtenplan, which promises a comfortable break. In addition to an attractive American diner, you will find particularly spacious bathrooms with showers, to a standard you do not find everywhere. If you have some time after your refreshment, you can sit comfortably on the terrace and watch the fish in the fishpond.

    5. Maxi-Autohof Wilnsdorf

    In the beautiful region of Siegerland on the A 45 motorway you will find the Maxi-Autohof Wilnsdorf truck stop. It is notable not only for its comprehensive amenities and the beautiful countryside in which it lies, but also for its well-designed sanitary facilities for professional drivers. This is very important at all Maxi truck stops.

    6. Autohof Bad Rappenau Süd

    On the A 6 motorway, you will find the Autohof Bad Rappenau South, which is one of a chain of 24 truck stops. The chain writes its name on flags for truckers looking for a comfortable break as possible. Accordingly, not only are the sanitary areas pleasantly designed, but also the restaurant, in which, among other things, delicious regional food is offered. You can wash and dry clothes, watch TV and play here as well.

    7. Autohof Gramschatzer Wald

    Not far from Würzburg on the A 7 is the Autohof Gramschatzer Wald – which is also a member of the 24 truck stop family. Here you will also find decent showers and the opportunity to spend the evening watching TV, play games or do your laundry. If you are staying a little longer, take advantage of the opportunity to try the barefoot path – you will struggle to find a reflexology massage like this anywhere else. Or just sit in the delightful beer garden and enjoy hearty Bavarian specialties.

    8. Hoyer-Autohof Hamburg-Süd

    In Rade on the A 1 motorway you’ll find the Hoyer-Autohof Hamburg-Süd truck stop, where great emphasis was placed in the planning on making truck drivers feel comfortable during their breaks. In addition to other amenities such as the restaurant, shop and smoking lounge, you will also find a well-designed sanitary area. The owners also put on special trucker events several times a year.

    9. Autohof Neuhaus

    The Autohof Neuhaus truck stop on the A 93 motorway near Windischeschenbach is particularly interesting for smart spenders. You can redeem your parking fee in full by dining in the affordable restaurant, and the pleasantly clean showers only cost one euro. If you are staying longer, you can pass the time on the slot machines or watching television – or by visiting the bowling alley.

    10. Autohof Zeven

    The Tank & Rast truck stop in Zeven on the A 1 motorway opened January 2018. It is situated between Bremen and Hamburg and can be accessed from both directions. The showers are new and modern, the sanitary facilities clean, and you can also wash and dry your laundry here if necessary. Furthermore, the restaurant here is very pleasant – the staff are friendly and the menu also includes seasonal and regional food.

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