The top 10 best service areas to stop at in Germany

    Always being on the road is hard work and tiring. But some service areas that you arrive at, make you want to drive straight off again. Things can be different, however! In this article, we show – ordered by ascending motorway numbers – which ten service areas in Germany actually invite you to stay for a while thanks to their cosy ambience, or otherwise provide added value.

    1. Jägerheim services on the A1

    The Jägerheim services near Lohne approaching exit 65 is a real insider tip for truck drivers. In summer, you can sit outside comfortably, in winter, in the cosy guest room with its large fireplace. Today, not only is there just hearty trucker fare, but also lighter meals that are easier on the stomach and contribute to a healthy life on the road. It is not only other drivers that meet up here, but also families from the village. The restaurant is open until midnight during the week, until 10:00 pm on Sundays – unfortunately it is only closed on Saturday. However, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet every Sunday through to Friday. Showers are also available.

    2. Würzburg Nord services on the A3

    Pull up, take a deep breath, look into the distance and forget the confined space of your cab – this works especially well at the Würzburg Nord service area on the A3 near Randersacker. It is situated high above Würzburg and affords a fantastic view over the Franconian wine country. This bright and friendly service area is highly rated because of its pleasant service, and the fact that it offers a wide selection of different dishes is an additional bonus. Before you drive on, you can freshen up in the shower.

    3. Frechen Süd services on the A4

    You’re not far from Cologne when you reach the Frechen Süd services. Take a break here and admire the city panorama of the Rhine metropolis away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Here you will always get a wholesome meal to your liking between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm, whether you are looking for fast food, a well-balanced meal or hearty or sweet baked goods. You can also take a shower here.

    4. Taunusblick services on the A5

    Here’s another way to change your perspective. Taunusblick services between the Bad Homburger Kreuz and the Nordwest-Kreuz Frankfurt has a 25 m high observation tower, from which you have a magnificent view over the Taunus and the Frankfurt skyline. And the 100 steps make a good change from sitting behind the wheel for a long time (but of course there is an elevator if you prefer). After a good meal in the restaurant, a full breakfast or a fast-food snack and a refreshing shower, you’ll be ready to drive on feeling fully recharged.

    5. Lohfeldener Rüssel truck stop on the A7

    There is so much to do and enjoy here that you might want to stay a little longer. At the CCTV-monitored Lohfeldener Rüssel truck stop, you can not only have a shower yourself, but also give your truck a wash. Four trucks can use the truck wash at the same time. Then relax in the lounge with the fireplace or loosen up your muscles on the fitness equipment! From refined to healthy to greasy, you get what your heart desires – at any time of day. A breakfast in the middle of the night or a schnitzel in the morning with your coffee are perfectly normal here – the operators know that long-distance trucker days can have a different rhythm.

    6. Art services Illertal-Ost on the A7

    Have you had enough of the monotonous grey of the roads and the recurring everyday sights? If so, the art services area just before Memmingen in Bavaria is the place you should head for. Colours in abundance, exciting sculptures and a totally unique spectacle await you and lift your mood. Also good for lifting the mood is the food on offer. From waffles like your mum would make and home-baked cake, you will find a variety of tasty treats on offer, from Swabian specialties and fresh pizza to vegetarian dishes. And after a refreshing shower, you’ll be ready to hit the road again.

    7. Irschenberg Süd services on the A8

    Another service area worth stopping at for a while longer. At the Irschenberg Süd services not only can you have a quick lunch and a refreshing shower, but you will also find a good, basic hotel. Thanks to the very well soundproofed windows, you can sleep right next to the motorway without being disturbed by the noise. And a leisurely evening in the beer garden with a fantastic view of the Alps will recharge your batteries for the next few days on the road. The restaurant is open 24/7.

    8. Hochfelln Nord services on the A8

    If you’d like to spend some time here, you can do so with a view of the beautiful Lake Chiemsee. Take a refreshing shower and then enjoy a delicious meal from the self-service area, serving local, traditional, modern and vegetarian dishes. From fine baked goods to fast food, there is everything you could want to whet your appetite.

    9. Gruibingen Süd services

    Do you feel tensed up, your muscles are aching and that you are totally seizing up? Then it’s time to visit the Gruibingen Süd services – the first service station in Germany built on the concept of Feng Shui. Enjoy the tranquillity inside and the soft trickling of the fountain in the entrance area. Choose from one of the truck driver menus and be sure they’re made with organic ingredients. Once you have relaxed in the water bar and have taken a refreshing shower, you can continue your journey fully recharged!

    10. Fichtenplan Nord services on the A10

    You’re craving a decent burger and fries, not that stuff you get at fast food chains? Perhaps you also long for times long gone in the land of the 1000 possibilities? Then come to Cindy’s Diner at the Fichtenplan service area between Frankfurt/Oder and Potsdam on the A10, where you can take a trip back in time to the USA of the 50s, when everything seemed so easy. And when you’re back on the road after a delicious meal and a refreshing shower, you will be looking for rock’n’roll songs on the radio…

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